Monday 7 December 2015

CBRM hands out $1.6 million in grants to community groups

CBRM hands out $1.6 million in grants to community groups

The final list of grants approved community in Cape Breton Regional Municipality is just over $ 1.6 million awarded under a grant program that was reviewed earlier this year.

Prices vary in size from $ 131 for the Grand Mira Community Company at $ 175,000 for recreation Ben Eoin, which oversees the Lakes Golf Club, Ski Ben Eoin and marina on Route 4.

Other beneficiaries include legions and community halls, festivals committees and sports clubs and arts groups and churches.

Marie Walsh, chief financial officer of the municipality, said that all grants were approved by a staff committee - on the basis of criteria defined in the policy community facilities grants and contributions - or by resolution of the board. Until this year, the Committee has the sole authority to distribute funds in what is commonly called sustainability grants, but in the spring, the board decided to directly supervise any request over $ 50,000.

"Council had given the committee the authority to distribute the money on the basis of criteria that we have in politics," Walsh said Tuesday.

"But last year I did not feel comfortable with the applications) (more than $ 50,000."

The municipality has distributed approximately $ 1.1 million in each of the last few years, but with the demise of Enterprise Cape Breton Corp. Last year, the board has seen a spike in requests for community groups. Thus, in the budget this year, councilors approved just over1.1 million in grants, and later added another $ 700,000 when the audited financial statements showed a surplus.

Financial statements for six months from the municipality show one of the grant accounts is already overspent by nearly $ 50,000. Walsh said that amount will increase as funds are disbursed. However, she said, the account will be covered later by a transfer of $ 700,000 of the surplus.

Ultimately, community organizations applied for $ 2.8 million in funding this year, Walsh said, but $ 1.2 million of this was rejected.

The criteria include having records of financial and economic impact, as well as funding from other levels of government and other sources.

"We struggle to allocate the funds where we think they should be, and it's a no-win situation because you can not say yes to everyone and you try to help those who need the help, "she said.

Application forms indicate an organization "must be a Canadian registered charity or non-profit corporation registered in Nova Scotia spouse (Stock Companies)" but the real policy governing funding criteria is not that a requirement, Walsh said.

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