Monday 7 December 2015

CBRM hands out $1.6 million in grants to community groups

CBRM hands out $1.6 million in grants to community groups

The final list of grants approved community in Cape Breton Regional Municipality is just over $ 1.6 million awarded under a grant program that was reviewed earlier this year.

Prices vary in size from $ 131 for the Grand Mira Community Company at $ 175,000 for recreation Ben Eoin, which oversees the Lakes Golf Club, Ski Ben Eoin and marina on Route 4.

Other beneficiaries include legions and community halls, festivals committees and sports clubs and arts groups and churches.

Marie Walsh, chief financial officer of the municipality, said that all grants were approved by a staff committee - on the basis of criteria defined in the policy community facilities grants and contributions - or by resolution of the board. Until this year, the Committee has the sole authority to distribute funds in what is commonly called sustainability grants, but in the spring, the board decided to directly supervise any request over $ 50,000.

"Council had given the committee the authority to distribute the money on the basis of criteria that we have in politics," Walsh said Tuesday.

"But last year I did not feel comfortable with the applications) (more than $ 50,000."

The municipality has distributed approximately $ 1.1 million in each of the last few years, but with the demise of Enterprise Cape Breton Corp. Last year, the board has seen a spike in requests for community groups. Thus, in the budget this year, councilors approved just over1.1 million in grants, and later added another $ 700,000 when the audited financial statements showed a surplus.

Financial statements for six months from the municipality show one of the grant accounts is already overspent by nearly $ 50,000. Walsh said that amount will increase as funds are disbursed. However, she said, the account will be covered later by a transfer of $ 700,000 of the surplus.

Ultimately, community organizations applied for $ 2.8 million in funding this year, Walsh said, but $ 1.2 million of this was rejected.

The criteria include having records of financial and economic impact, as well as funding from other levels of government and other sources.

"We struggle to allocate the funds where we think they should be, and it's a no-win situation because you can not say yes to everyone and you try to help those who need the help, "she said.

Application forms indicate an organization "must be a Canadian registered charity or non-profit corporation registered in Nova Scotia spouse (Stock Companies)" but the real policy governing funding criteria is not that a requirement, Walsh said.

Friday 27 November 2015

1.2 Million dollar grant program announced for Nova Scotia prevention of sexual violence

The government of Nova Scotia is looking for groups to find innovative ways to prevent sexual violence.
Joanne Bernard Minister of Community Services launched a new $ 1.2 million grant program Monday morning at the Halifax Central Library.
"These grants are about using creative ways to address persistent and difficult issue," said Bernard.
It also is part of a broader strategy of sexual assault in the province has set up, to get people support faster, expanding the nurse practitioner sexual assault program, and create community support networks .
The time grants will be distributed over two years and will be divided into two parts: one up to $ 5000 and the other up to $ 50,000.
The government hopes the grants will support the groups and organizations that include youth and community underserved populations.
"The responsibility to prevent sexual violence among youth, women and men, is shared by the whole community," said Bernard.
"This includes new potential partners such as Guides, Scouts and guidance of students in junior and senior high schools."
Support groups for sexual assault applaud the new program.
"One of the most important things that have been identified throughout the province was the need for prevention initiatives and sustainable funding specifically to address prevention," said Jackie Stevens, executive director of the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre in Halifax.
"This continues to provide this opportunity for diverse and marginalized people to make their voices heard and to be directly involved."
The deadline for grant applications is January 15, 2016.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Loving Spoonful receives $25,000 grant

A local food organization Loving Spoonful received one of four $ 25,000 Community Food Centers of Canada grants as part of its good eating program organizations.

Thanks to the grant, local youth will be in the kitchen and  through Loving spoonful Cooking, Camera, Action program.

"We build literacy and skills by bringing food cooking and cinema, both hands on approaches that have proven to be effective with young people’s learning," Sarah Keyes, Loving Spoonfuls skills program coordinator declared. "In our series of three, 12-week program, Cook, Camera, Action, young people learn cooking and a healthy eating policy. Filmmaking is the platform to share these skills and reinforce learning with the help of filmmaker James Greatrex community. "

The program will work with students from Pathways to Education, Youth 2 Kingston and the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston, providing them with skills and knowledge on good food to help support the transition as they move in independent living, Keyes said.

Grant recipients were selected from over 75 organizations of good food that have aligned themselves with CFCC based on shared principles, and working with low-income communities to grow, cook, share and advocate of good food.

"Research shows that we intuitively know healthy food after school programs that take place in our partner community food centers: it is essential to reach young people when they are still forming their tastes and attitudes around the food, "Kathryn Scharf, Chief Operating Officer for Community supply centers in Canada, said." It is actually not that difficult to get children excited about food, while giving them a chance get their hands dirty in the kitchen or the garden and try things for themselves. With these grants, we will be able to help feed these projects, a closer look at their impact and making the information available, we learn to others. "

Thursday 5 November 2015

2 Sussex companies set to expand with funding from ACOA
Timberparts Ltd. and Kings County Mechanical Ltd. both getting $500K repayable contributions

Sussex, two companies will expand and increase their productivity and efficiency for the New Year, with Christmas gifts in advance by the federal government, announced Monday.

Timberparts Ltd., a remanufactured aftermarket company that specializes in the refurbishment and the repowering of manufactured products, will build a new plant of 13,000 square feet and the purchase of a 10 ton crane with a repayable contribution of $500000 of Opportunities Agency Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).

Kings County Mechanical Ltd., a welding shop and manufacturing company, will acquire the building it currently leases, purchase of equipment and construction of a small building adjacent to the current paint shop with its $ 500,000 repayable contribution from ACOA.

In addition, the company will receive a $ 12,375 from the government to hire experts in productivity to improve the layout of the plant in an effort to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

"Our government is committed to creating jobs and economic growth, while returning to a balanced budget," regional minister for New Brunswick and Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) Rob Moore said in a statement.

"Our support for Timberparts Limited and Kings County Mechanical Limited will help these two companies in the Sussex area grow their businesses, improve their productivity and efficiency and diversify their markets, helping them to grow and contribute more to the economy of our region.”

Timberparts, whose clients are mainly in the forest industry is actively seeking to expand its markets and is now attracting mining companies, industry and construction.

Timberparts invests $ 711,525 in the project.

Kings County Mechanical, which serves about 400 New Brunswick customers in the sectors of construction, mining and energy, is a kick in approximately $ 454 125 of his own money.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Three companies chosen as finalists for 2015 Innovation Awards

Kawartha Lakes Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Kawartha Lakes Community Futures Development Corporation; presentation takes place at City Hall on Friday, Oct. 23 at noon.

Kawartha Lakes - The Community Futures Development Corporation of Kawartha Lakes (KLCFDC) announced the three finalists in Kawartha Lakes Innovation Awards this year.

The Awards, now in their 17th year, were created by the KLCFDC to recognize small businesses for their achievements and contributions to the community through the development of new and innovative products and services.

The nominations this year were judged by a panel of six people at once businesses and organizations that support local efforts of small business in the private space.

The finalists are:

- UAV AG, Alex Pearson, Lindsay.

Primarily serving the aggregate industry, AG uses UAV unmanned aerial surveys to provide for the collection of data through photogrammetric that can provide accurate descriptions of material removal, inventory and potential site plans . It is rare, if not the only firm using this technology in Ontario.

This method is faster and cheaper than manned flights, such as drones are cheaper to operate and provide excellent accuracy for the measurement of inventories. Provide a set at much lower cost higher quality data results in a growing company with buy-in now just producers who are increasingly converted in the process.

- FairTax Grants and incentives; Mike Janke, Lindsay.

With evening primrose acquisition Solutions, a local company that specializes in working with companies to profit research funding from government, FairTax Grants and Incentives will now offer SR & ED claim services and collection services of the tax, in addition to being the national center for grant writing for businesses across Canada. In doing so, they became the only company in Kawartha Lakes offer this range of services. With a business cycle of four to six months, net new business have not yet been realized, but expectations are high and the company meets almost every day from British Columbia to Atlantic Canada get contracts and project development.

This will be beneficial for our region in two ways; increasing their employee base and training for grant writing that they will provide to the entire staff FairTax, future visits by the partners will result in more business visitors, making local housing use and other services and amenities.

- South Pond Farms; Danielle French, Pontypool.

Started in 2010, South Pond Farms continues to expand its product offering, recently adding a "Supper Club Series" theme dinners that sold this season, and the "Farm to Fashion" fundraiser , raising funds for their South Pond Entrepreneurial Scholarship, awarded annually to a student at IE Weldon Secondary school that has demonstrated a strong interest in entrepreneurship.

They are also expanding their "Concert Series Brunch" held in collaboration with the Iron Horse Ranch in Bethany, as well as adding additional events, including private sessions culinary workshops. Their marriage business is also growing and expansion in the near future a line of their own products, with flavors of the farm, will be introduced.

Dawn Hennessey, Key Account Manager of the sponsor of this year, the Business Development Bank (CDB), said: "These awards recognize the latest new products and services that have come to the region and since it is BDC Week SMEs, the Bank of Canada is recognizing the contributions of entrepreneurs here in the City of Kawartha Lakes. "

Andrew Wallen, general manager of the KLCFDC, said the task of evaluating the entries becomes more difficult each year.

"The combination of products and services were the judges discuss many applications widely enough carefully before awarding a comparative score for all submissions. We certainly appreciate our judges who take the time to evaluate these innovative products and services."

Adam Hayward, chairman KLCFDC added his appreciation for the work done by the volunteer committee. "We can not say enough about the commitment that our judges make the Innovation Awards and we also thank the small business community for their strong response to our call for applications."

The finalists will be honored at the annual award ceremony of innovation, which will be held upstairs in the room Hotel Victoria Lindsay City at noon Friday, October 23